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Construction Progress on the Site of the Future Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Five Star Development is pleased to provide you with a very exciting update along with some visuals of the construction progress on the site of the future Ritz-Carlton hotel and residences in Paradise Valley.

Below you will see three sections outlining everything that has been achieved along with what is currently happening and what is in the pipeline. We look forward to regularly sharing progress updates about the hotel and residences along with on-site photos and aerial views of the property in the coming months.

Our Residence Gallery is open daily from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. and by appointment on weekends. Please call or drop by and we can show you the progress in person.

Completed to Date: Value $13 Million

  • Overall development infrastructure is in place.

    • Mass grading for the entire site is complete, which encompassed 500,000 cubic yards of earthwork.

    • Storm water channels and catch basins are complete throughout both Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, which is over 3,500 feet of excavation and pipe installation.

    • Storm water collection per the Town approved Special Use Permit is in place (we are required to hold the 100-year flood for 90 minutes).

    • All major services, including water, fire, electrical, waste water, cabling for services, etc.

    • Excavation of the hotel and Villa sites along with the commencement of construction of the underground parking for both. This required the removal and transportation of 186,000 cubic yards of earth.

  • The 5,000-foot perimeter wall is complete on the Paradise Valley site.

Now Underway:  Value $37 Million

  • Phase 1 of Palmeraie Boulevard that will connect Indian Bend Road to Lincoln Drive has begun on the north side of the site.

  • Rebuilding the entrance off Indian Bend Road and the creation of a new intersection.

  • Villas parking garage footings, foundation substructure and perimeter basement walls.

  • Permits for the hotel parking garage footings, additional excavation of the hotel site and the final sections of perimeter walls have been issued.

  • Phase 2 of Palmeraie Boulevard on the south side of the property which will create the main entry to the hotel.

  • The storm water channel improvement, including path prep, walls, gabions, landscaping, trails, sidewalks, etc.

In the Pipeline:  Value $203 Million

  • Plans for The Ritz-Carlton Residences Villa buildings have been submitted to the Town for permit approval.

  • The building permit process for the hotel casitas is underway with the Town.

  • Placement of the concrete floor for both the Villa garage and the hotel garage begins September 2018 and should be completed in the next few months.

  • The Podium structure of the Villa buildings is slated for completion this fall with individual building construction commencing shortly after.

  • The Podium structure for the hotel building is also expected by early 2019, with vertical construction beginning shortly after.

  • The main hotel building has gone through a final refinement process with The Ritz-Carlton hotel team, thereby perfecting the Presidential Retreat for a better guest experience and service level. It is now ready for submittal to the Town for permit.

  • The Ritz-Carlton Corporate Global Design team has also made adjustments to the Spa which will further elevate the indoor-outdoor guest experience. Final drawings are to be complete by mid-September.

Our Estate Home release will be commencing in the next few weeks after we have all legal documents in place and a Public Report issued. Please let us know if you are interested as the list is growing daily.

There are also a few select Villas available should a condominium be a better fit for you. Contact our Sales Team for pricing and availability.


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